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CS Accountants & Bookkeeping understand that with today’s time restraints maintaining your records and accounts presents a huge challenge for small businesses. With constant ATO lodgement obligations, you require your bookkeeping to be accurate, up-to-date and most importantly cost effective.


With over 7 years’ experience in dealing with company accounts, CS Accountants & Bookkeeping can help you improve your business and reporting needs.


The team consists of Degree Qualified Accountants, Certified Xero Partner, CPA Member and Registered Tax Agent.


As our bookkeepers work closely with and are supported by our CPA tax accountants, our high standard of service results in more accurate accounts which means your accounting fees are kept to a minimum at year end, as fewer corrections are required.


Experienced with a wide range of accounting packages including – MYOB, Quickbooks & Xero.


Let us save you time and worry by ensuring your accounts are up to date and your lodgement obligations are always met on time, leaving you free to run your business.


Bookkeeping Services include:


  • Mobile Bookkeeper (After hours by appointment only with normal trading hours 9-5pm)
  • BAS & IAS Preparation
  • Business Performance Reports, Monthly Profit & Loss & Balance Sheet Reports, reports for finance company
  • Budget & Cashflow Reports
  • Budget Variance Reports
  • MYOB/Quickbooks and Xero Data Entry & Management (extended to other software if required and needed)
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Payroll & Superannuation Processing and Payments (meeting new streamlining obligations)
  • Debtor & Creditor Management (and actual payment of suppliers and employee wages if required)
  • Software Training & Installation
  • Software Conversion to Xero and other software as required
  • Discussion and support regarding employee award wages/federal wages/salaries/contracts and employee agreements.
Bookkeeper Gold Coast
Bookkeeping Gold Coast

Bookkeeping and Software Training

We see a lot of clients that are looking to save costs and try to do some bookkeeping themselves, we help you set up your new bookkeeping software of your choice and then train you on that software generally it is a two hour session for $50 per hour and then there is ongoing support to help you manage the books yourself.


So you want to convert to xero this can be an easy process when you have the right help and know what to do. When moving your software over to xero it is best to convert at end of a month, quarter or year. If you are registered for GST than it would be best to choose the first day of the new quarter, rather than half way through your GST quarter so you have one gst report to work with, so the first step is to decide what day you would like to convert.

When converting to xero you can choose to bring in all the data from the beginning of the year (July) and then start your bank feed set up from the day you convert. You can manually import all the data from the start of the year however, you would have to recode & reconcile every transaction again so it is advised to bring in the data by monthly totals as a journal, this way you still have a full profit and loss report year to date in your Xero file. However at year end you will be required to provide both files to your accountant for the full financial year. This is only part of the process you would have to set up payroll if you have employees, and then you would need to bring in your open debtors & creditors. For more information and help with this process call our office to discuss.

Converting to Xero


There is a number of bookkeeping software out there today to name a few Xero, Quickbooks and Myob. It really depends on your accounting needs which software is best for you. Most clients are moving to the cloud accounting software these days. As they provide real time data and are time efficient.

Whilst Xero has some great features like live bank feeds, and one step reconciliation process. Xero may not be helpful for stock management. Xero will cost you $60 a month for the standard, myob essentials $35 a month, Myob accountright $77 per month and Quickbooks online $20 per month.

To know which one would be best suited to you, would be best to contact a bookkeeper and discuss with them, as bookkeepers are using the software regularly they would know how to meet your needs with the best software as depending on which software you go with some can have limited features. We are more than willing to discuss your Bookkeeping software options.


How exciting and overwhelming it can be when starting a new business. Not only do you have to run the business but there are the ATO obligations you are to abide by and meet all there deadlines so as not to receive any penalties or fines. When running a business you need to know how your business  is performing and having a good bookkeeping software in place can help you achieve your goals especially when you know what your profit is how much you are making monthly and when are your busy months.

Secondly a good bookkeeping software helps the accountant track your real in time data so that he can do tax strategies and prepare you for end of year tax and discuss what savings he can do for yourselves as individuals and your business just by looking at your profit and loss and  monthly reports. This is where CS Accountants can help you we have a team that can set you up on your bookkeeping software and discuss your tax strategies all in one place.



In order to help you meet your legal obligations when hiring a new employee I have outlined a few pointers. Firstly, A Tax File Number (TFN) Declaration Form needs to be completed and lodged when an employee first begins employment, you can pick one of these up at your local news agency. Secondly, the following information is required to be provided to an employee upon commencement:

  • An Employment Agreement/Contract written up if there is no award wage for the type of position. The award is able to be located at the Fair Work Australia website at http://www.fairwork.gov.au. The following items are suggested to be gathered from the employee and kept on file:-
  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone Numbers
  • Email
  • Emergency Contact
  • Preferred Super Fund
  • Superfund Member Number
  • Bank Details
  • Drivers Licence Details

Our offices are located in Southport / Ashmore on the Gold Coast